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Manage Business Expenses Online

Odoo’s software to manage daily expenses offers a f luent encoding process – The whole flow of managing employees’ expenses is implemented as:

– Drafting the expense by the employee
– Confirmation of the sheet by the employee
– Validation by the employee’s manager
– Validation by the accountant 
– Creation of accounting entries 

Managers’ Monitoring

Odoo’s open source software to manage business expenses allows you to manage your employees’ daily expenses. Whether it’s employees travel expenses or any other costs, this software gives you access to your employees’ fee notes and it gives you the rights to complete and validate or to refuse the notes. After validation it creates an invoice for the employee.

No need to download any specialized software or program to manage expenses – everything can be done directly in this great app!

Multiple Users Management

As a manager: 

  • follow expenses within your team 
  • approve or refuse expenses (and post a reason)
  • submit approved expenses to the accounting department

As a user: 

  • record your expense 
  • post comments for your manager
  • check status of your expense

As an accounting department:

  • check the employee’s expense
  • create an invoice
  • process the payment

Integrated With Timesheet App

This module also uses analytical accounting and is compatible with the invoice on the timesheet module – so you are able to automatically re-invoice your customers’ expenses if your work by project.

Whether you need expense tracking software for small business or a software with more features for a big multinational, Odoo can meet your needs with this s imple, user-friendly, efficient and professional app – the best app on the market!

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