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Organize Events, Trainings & Webinars

Schedule, Promote, Sell, Organize

Odoo’s amazing events software allows you to organize, promote and sell events online. Whether you organize meetings, conferences, trainings or webinars, Odoo gives you all the features you need to manage your events and events’ websites.

Create Awesome Event Pages

Professional design in a simple and easy way

Create beautiful event pages by dragging & droping well designed ‘Building Blocks’. Choose the best format and publish event photos, speakers, agenda, etc.

Odoo’s unique ‘edit inline’ approach makes website creation surprisingly easy. This user-friendly system allows you to make changes instantly, directly on the website. Do you want to introduce a speaker? To change the price of a ticket?
To update a banner? Or to promote new sponsors? Just click and change.
It’s that simple.

Sell Tickets Online

Automate the registration and payment process

Sell registrations to your events with the multi-ticketing feature. Events can be free or for a fee. Attendees can pay online with a credit card or with the invoice, based on your configuration.

Boost your sales with early-bird prices, special conditions for members or extra services with multiple tickets.

Clean Google Analytics Integration

Control your sales funnel with Google Analytics

Get a clear visibility of your sales funnel. Odoo’s Google Analytics trackers are configured by default to track all kind of events related to shopping carts, call-to-actions, etc.

All Odoo marketing tools and programs (mass mailing, marketing campaigns, etc) are also linked with Google Analytics, so you’ll get a full 360° view of your business.

Promote Events Efficiently

Mass mailing & social media

Use the segmentation, the social network integration and the mass mailing features to promote your events to the right audience. Setup automated emails for attendees to be sent in need of a last minute details.

Designer-Friendly Themes

Designers love to work with Odoo

Themes in this app are awesome and easy to design. You don’t need to develop anything in order to create new pages, themes or building blocks. We use a clean HTML structure, a Bootstrap CSS and our modularity allows to distribute your themes easily. There are sample themes and it’s easy to create your own template.

The “Building blocks” approach allows the website to stay clean after the end-users start creating new contents.

Make Your Events More Visible

SEO tools at your fingertips

SEO tools are ready-to-use, with no configuration required. Odoo suggests keywords according to Google most searched terms; Google Analytics tracks your shopping cart events and sitemaps are created automatically.

We even do structured content automatically to promote your events and products efficiently in Google.

Leverage Social Media

Optimize: from Ads to Conversions

Create new landing pages easily with the Odoo’s “inline edition” feature. You can send visitors of your different marketing campaigns to event landing pages in order to optimize conversions.

Organize Your Tracks

From the talk proposal to the publication

Add a talk proposal form on your event websites to allow visitors to submit talks and speakers. Organize the validation process of every talk, and schedule easily.

Odoo’s unique frontend and backend integration makes organization and publication extremely simple. Easily design beautiful speakers’ biographies and description of the talks and presentations.

Agenda and List of Talks

Strong user interface

Get a beautiful agenda for each event published automatically on your website. Allow your visitors to easily search and browse through the program and talks; filter by tags, locations or speakers.

Manage Sponsors

Sell sponsorship, promote your sponsors

Add sponsors to your events and publish sponsors per level (e.g. bronze, silver, gold) on the bottom of every page of the event.

Sell sponsorship packages online through Odoo eCommerce software for a full sales cycle integration.

And Much More…


  • Calendar of Events
  • Publish related documents
  • Resources allocation
  • Automated purchases
  • Multiple locations and organizers
  • Mobile Interface
  • Checklist of tasks


  • Online or offline sales
  • Automated invoicing
  • Cancellation policies
  • Specific prices for members
  • Dashboards and reporting


  • Advanced Planification
  • Print Badges
  • Automate Follow-up Emails
  • Reviews
  • Min/Max capacities
  • Manage classes and resources
  • Create group of attendees
  • Automate satisfaction surveys

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