Last year I took trainings both functional and technical at netbeam. At functional level I have good experience and technical I am not programmer. As an practicing manager I know value of good informational system and good training to effectively use this system. Functional training was on proffessional level and we spoke about all topics important to company. What was nice suprise from my point of view as nonprogrammer was clear and understandable technical training, which provide me useful experience how the system works. Ing. Dusan Sekerka

Dusan Sekerka
It Consultant: Spain

Working with NetbeamERP has been one of the most positive professional experiences I’ve had in my 17 years as an director. He made me feel like my project was his most important.

Stephan Eaglefree
ERP Consultant: USA

Its Was great learning experience with Team. they are extremely good.

there ERP skills are awesome. they can do anything in odoo.

Vikas Jain
Director: Onus Communication Pvt Ltd

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